SMALL MEDIUM and LARGE – erz design health-promoting projects at all scales.

At erz health and well-being forms a common thread across many of our projects. What links these projects is an in-depth understanding of environmental psychology, tailoring high quality design proposals for the end users needs and a comprehensive knowledge of the power of great spaces to promote public health.

Our work spans hospital master-planning, landscape design for health centres and hospitals, bespoke designs for mental health and dementia centre’s, right down to small scale, but high impact installations such as our community growing spaces or our outdoor Gym Wall in Possil. Working at all stages of a project from initial ideas to on-site construction ensures our designs are maintained to our rigorous standards.

Over the last three years we have been the landscape design consultants for the Green Exercise Partnership, helping them to achieve their goals of promoting better health and quality of life for people in Scotland through greater use of the NHS estates for physical activity and contact with nature.

We have gained unique knowledge and experience in health and well-being and use this to help our clients get the absolute most benefit possible from their outdoor spaces: examples include:

Royal Edinburgh Hospital: New landscape strategy/master plan.
Midpark Hosital Dumfries: New build landscape master plan & courtyard designs.
The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice: Master plan and and landscape design.
New Craigs Hospital, Inverness: Landscape master plan retrofit.
Forrester Hill Hospital, Aberdeen: Circulation strategy and landscape plan.
Perth Dental Centre: Plan and implementation of car park and courtyards.
The Walled garden Horticultural Therapy Centre for the Hansel Foundation.
Possil Health Centre: Retrofit solutions for a growing space and outdoor gym.
The Urban Gym Wall: Innovative urban gym that can slot in almost anywhere.

Article By Felicity Steers