In a world where most funders and clients ask for community engagement as an integral part of landscape and urban design projects, erz are increasingly seeking better ways to create proper co-design methods.

Some communities even suffer “consultation fatigue” where they have been asked many times for their views, using the traditional methodologies of boards and post it notes, often with little results.

To get meaningful results that can be used to improve designs, it is really vital to engage communities in an authentic, useful and entertaining way. As with all our work, we seek to delight – engagement in the design of your local places should be a real pleasure and enjoyable challenge. After all, this is a feel-good process about making the world a better place.

Here are three examples of very recent projects that have been developed in partnership with local communities:

Easterhouse Town Centre Charette: local artists/visual scribe/rickshaws

Balgray Reservoir Public Art Project: schools/public/mix/site/workshops/exhibition/BA and SAF/one word poems/blockprinting

Netherlee Masterplan: Forest School/claiming the space/Good Friday event