Re-use and regeneration of the spaces and places between buildings in two different post-war housing estates in West Dumbartonshire.

Our interventions are effective, life-enhancing, and promote community life outdoors. Spaces include reinvigorated sports facilities, play spaces, communal green space, paths, and signage.

West Dumbartonshire Environment Trust

Radnor Park

This is a robust and practical response that resolves historic design problems, including improving access for all people, and enhancing conviviality.

“Working with erz has enabled us to develop our ideas and ethos for engaging people with nature by integrating high quality landscapes and natural elements into the design of our urban spaces. They work closely with us to develop design ideas which meet the needs of our community clients and which make the most of our natural spaces.”

Alan McMullen
West Dunbartonshire Environment Trust

Inler Park

A new park on the edge of Balloch that creates active and social spaces.