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Have a look through our types of work

We have collated our work into the following categories which will give you an understanding of who we are and what we do. Read through our curated projects within each category of work. More projects are available on our Pinterest.

Derelict Land and Meanwhile Space

Bring life and energy back to difficult-to-use places.

Health and Care

Bringing clinical and therapeutic practice outdoors.

Climate Resilience and Green-Blue Infrastructure

Delivery of strategies that address and resolve climate change issues.

Artwork and Installation

Inspiring new ideas and new kinds of environmental engagement.

Education, Sport and Play

Our school grounds and play-scapes are delightful, sensory and dynamic.

Culture and Heritage

Repurposing and restoration of our cultural landscapes.

Masterplanning and Strategy

Robust understanding of landscape systems, people, and place.

Active Travel and Mobility

Delivering well designed, accessible landscapes for walking, cycling and wheeling.

Parks and Public Realm

Bringing life and community events outdoors into fresh green places.

Housing and Neighbourhood

Community and Conviviality outside, supported by natural systems.

Our Awards

A selection of awards which we had the privilege of winning.