A strategic look at the suburban community of Netherlee, this study examined reintroducing links between Linn Park, the White Cart Water, Netherlee Primary School, and local shops.

The study involved outdoor consultation with Netherlee Primary School using forest school techniques. It explored the potential for a dedicated two-way cycle path along Clarkston Road with pedestrian and cycle links created that will link the communities of Netherlee, Muirend, Clarkston, Busby, and Castlemilk.

East Renfrewshire Council

“…the Netherlee Access Design was an exemplary project providing a positive vision and framework for the Netherlee public realm. We were satisfied that the development of plans reflects local community aspirations, as well as a clear understanding of the local context and the steps necessary in order to assist cross-service delivery within the council. This is a useful starting point to encourage internal and external dialogue to help achieve a long term shared vision.”

East Renfrewshire Council

These sketches were used to inform place-making workshops with the local community and show aerial views of the proposals.

Strategic Plan

A bold and creative response to active travel focussing on a strong axis from school to river into which all other paths and spaces are fed.