This preschool playscape takes its inspiration from the many creatures displayed on ceramics, tapestries and sculptures within The Burrell Collection, on the premise that they have come alive to run amok amongst a series of giant pots, escaping the museum to play with the children in Pollock Park.

Our work began with story boards and ideas around movement and multi-sensory experience. We worked with Timberplay Scotland to deliver the landscape design and play equipment, and with Sculpture and Design to create the creatures and surface decorations.

Glasgow Life

The Burrell Collection

Working outside this iconic Glasgow building required great sensitivity; nothing in the playscape exceeds 900mm high so that it doesn’t disrupt the building facade. We used careful sculpting of the surrounding slopes to create a ‘ha-ha’ – an invisible sunken barrier, giving the illusion of an unbroken continuous rolling lawn.

Original artworks by erz.