erz was on the shortlist of the final three Scottish teams in 2016’s international Land Art Generator Initiative competition.

Working with an interdisciplinary team, including architect Ricardo Mariano, poet/artist Alec Finlay, and renewable energy specialists Ramboll, we developed a scheme to “bring forward human-centred solutions for sustainable energy infrastructures that enhance the city as works of public art, while cleanly powering thousands of homes.

Awards & Mentions
  • Shortlisted competition entrant, Land Art Generator Competition, Glasgow 2016
  • Land Art Generator Initiative
  • Glasgow City Council

Our ideas combined hydro, wind, and solar power in a green energy system to power a new neighbourhood on Dundas Hill.

At peak production times, excess energy will power a light installation which generates a rainbow in a giant mist jet on the hill top. This will be visible across the city as an intermittent beacon.