Conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic, these leafy outdoor rooms encourage people to come together in a space that is safe, human, and comfortable. HALO Gardens can be used in any setting for therapeutic or convivial activities.

The HALO Gardens Project was initiated by erz as an attempt to mitigate the anxieties of social distancing through good design. Each HALO Garden is developed in a unique co-design process that ensures every HALO tells the individual story of the community it serves.

Getting outside and active in nature is proven to aid health and well-being and supports recovery from trauma and illness. HALO Gardens have been delivered in many settings, from hospitals to public parks.

  • NHS Design Excellence Awards, Architecture and Design 2022
  • National Health Service Scotland
  • National Health Service England
  • The Conservation Volunteers Glasgow City Council


HALO Gardens bring people together in nature to heal and recover. New friendships and social networks are formed through our co-design process.

Using Plants to Tell Stories

The symbolism and meanings of plants cross social boundaries. The HALO Gardens use plants as a storytelling tool. For example, Rowan, a ‘faerie tree’, has medicinal uses, associations with midwifery, and magical associations with protection from evil.

“The judges were excited by the repeatability of the project and the incredible value that can be added for such a small amount of expenditure. They were impressed by the volunteer and community engagement of the project.”

Architecture and Design Scotland, 2022


Nursery School

Physiotherapy Clinic