erz worked with the Easterhouse community and Platform Arts Projects in a six-month design charette, based within a large shop unit in the town centre. This resulted in a community-led masterplan for the reinvigoration of this edge of Glasgow post-war suburb.

Partners in this project included community artists, photographers, innovative local food businesses, visual scribes, the city council, housing associations, greenspace organisations, and many others, in a comprehensive co-design process that was extremely well attended and supported by local people. erz worked with Nick Wright Planning and EKOS to generate a realisable and understandable vision for the future of Easterhouse.

Glasgow City Council

The Easterhouse Town Centre Charrette was structured with 5 weeks of advance engagement based in the Shandwick Centre leading up to a 4 day series of public workshops.

As an overview, 634 people were spoken to on an individual basis and inputted directly in the advance engagement and 214 people took part in the workshop sessions, with roughly a further 100 people dropping in for short periods.

“From the development of the strategy and designs by erz, external funding for SNH’s GI Fund (approximately £1.3million) has been directly levered in, to implement a £5 million green infrastructure programme in the area.  Overall erz’s commitment to the project, high professionalism and past experience was a great asset to the client team and has produced a high quality feasible IGI strategy which aided project implementation.”

Glasgow City Council